Word Metro

Mark Your Connection with Words


They’re our primary tools of communication. In our speech, letters, advertisements, nonfiction, fiction, and poetry, words explain, promote, persuade, and sometimes sing or paint pictures. On the telephone or Internet, in e-mails and books, wherever people are listening and reading, words make us understand, appreciate, sigh, buy, laugh, cry, and wonder.

The words you choose can clearly express your message, tell your story, or they can fall short. The first impression you make either opens the door to success or slams it shut.

You can swing that door wide open with words that match your goals, and we can help.

“Betsy is an excellent proofreader and copy editor! She went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that my book was absolutely error free. She communicates well, adheres to deadlines, and instills confidence. I appreciated that she respected my writing, and that her changes only made it clearer and stronger. I highly recommend Betsy if you need someone to edit your book!”

Karen Brody

The Love and Intimacy Coach

“Working with Betsy is a professional pleasure. No detail gets by this lady!”

Jack E. Oakes

Executive Consultant at Maximum Impact Education

“Betsy Blondin is a true professional. generously giving of her time and expertise as well as her patience and calm disposition. Betsy is thorough and knowledgeable about both the editing and publishing process, while being flexible and yielding to the wishes of the author. While her manner is gentle, she is clear when giving directions, and I felt that she promoted a refined product. I was fortunate to have found her and it was my sincere pleasure to have worked with her!”

Nancy Burk

Author of "Hello! Helpline!